BooBeary Products are third party tested, ISO certified, full spectrum medical grade CBD products.

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About Boo Williams

Founded by Boo Williams, former tight end for the New Orleans Saints and University of Arkansas alumni, Black Ghost Enterprises is a multi-faceted company that includes our line of full spectrum, third party tested, CBD products under the BooBeary brand. In 2019, Black Ghost Enterprise and BooBeary, LLC., was acquired by Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (LVGI), a publicly traded holding company specializing in acquiring  and growing industrial hemp and hemp related companies. 

As a former professional athlete, Boo brings his own personal experience with using CBD oil for pain management and mental health, along with his vast industry knowledge, to lead BooBeary Products and his 501c3 non-profit organization BooBeary Kares that works with disadvantaged people and communities.

Boo is on a mission to dispel misconceptions about CBD oil and medical cannabis through information, products and services. This celebrated NFL veteran spends every day helping and empowering others and truly living out his motto, “Saving Lives and Changing Minds.”

We are excited to bring you top quality products made with the highest industry standards. Our BooBeary line of CBD products is formulated to address every day ailments, provide mental health support, and to enhance training for athletes.

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